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What Sized Forrestfield Self Storage Shed Is Right For Me?

Storage sheds can be quite deceiving and you will be amazed how much you can actually fit inside of a storage shed. Just because you have a large 4x2 house doesn't mean you need to get the largest sized shed. 

As you can creatively stack your items such as tables in ways that allow you to stack things underneath and above you can actually fit a large family home into a medium sized storage shed. As this can be quite confusing we can offer a personalized service if you wanted to come in or give us a phone call where we can go through the different sizes and explain to you the different ways of packing your shed to get the most of out your shed. 

We also have a modern online storage calculator which is a guide, but also a very accurate guide of the size of shed that you need to rent. The storage calculator allows you to fill in the amount of rooms in your house and it can then work out how much space you will need. It's a really good way to see what you need and get a monthly price on what type of shed you need before making any decisions about renting. 

If you like you can come in and get a personalized service at Forrestfield Self Storage, we're just on the industrial side of Berkshire Rd in Forrestfield and inside of our store we have a self serve kiosk that also has the storage calculator on it and also gives you the ability to book and pay for your shed directly on our kiosk.

We believe in offering you the latest in technology for you to help making the right decision and get the right sized shed. If for whatever reason you did get a shed and it ended up being inadequate, try not to stress. Just let us know and I'm sure we can move you into a different shed close by and give you the space you need.