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What Size Storage Unit Do I Need? Complete Guide For 2020.

Self-storage is on the rise, as more and more people are acknowledging the benefits of using a self-storage unit.

With this increasing popularity, there are people asking questions about self-storage units, services, availability, etc.

At Forrestfield self-storage, we always look forward to taking questions and helping people in their self-storage journey.

How do I know what storage size I need

One question that made us curate this blog is when we saw this on Google: “What size storage unit do I need?”

Therefore, we have developed this blog with a complete storage unit size guide and how to choose a self-storage unit for yourself.

Storage Unit Size Guide

Unit sizeTotal space (m sq.)
1.5m X 1.5m2.25 m2
1.5m x 3m4.5 m2
3m x 3m9 m2
3m x 5.5m16.5 m2
3m x6m18 m2
4.5m. x 1.5m6.75 m2
4.5m x 5.5m24.75 m2

Now, that we have mentioned the sizes of ideal storage units, we have further categorized all these units based on their storage capacity and what things you can store in them.

#1 Small self-storage units

What size storage unit do I need

The small self-storage units have compact dimensions such as 1.5m X1.5m and 1.5m X 3m with an area of 2.25 m2 and 4.5 m2 respectively.

This 1.5m x 1.5 m compact sized unit is suitable for keeping storage boxes, gardening goods, golf bags, outdoor gear, off-season clothing, etc.

Whereas, the 1.5m X 3m unit can store the content of a small room (without furniture).

However, while storing your belongings in this storage unit, you need to pack and arrange your things properly to avoid any damage.

Consider choosing a protective layer, like a high-quality bubble wrap for packing fragile items.

#2 Medium self-storage Units

The medium-sized self-storage units are 4.5m x 1.5m, 3m x 3m, with an area of 6.75 m2 and 9 m2, respectively.

The 4.5 m X 1.5m self-storage unit is capable of storing small-medium furniture, small appliances like washing machines, microwaves, air conditioners, etc.

#3 Large self-storage Units

what is it like to rent a self storage unit

The large self-storage units are 3m x 5.5m, 3m x 6m, 4.5m x 5.5m, with an area of 16.5 m2, 18 m2, 24.5 m2, respectively.

Large Self-Storage Unit 3m x 5.5m

The 3m x 5.5m can store the content of about 4 rooms. This storage unit gives you ample space to store appliances such as Dryer, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioners, dishwashers, toasters, etc. It can also store big items such as a king-size bed, couches, chairs, dining room tables, Tv stands, cribs and bed frames, etc. It can also be used to store small mid-size vehicles like bikes, small cars, trailers, etc. However, we recommend that you should check on the dimensions of your car before booking this storage option.

Large Self-Storage Unit 3m x 6m

The second choice in the 3m x 6m storage unit that can store the content of 5 rooms. It can store larger items such as living room furniture, full-sized appliances. This storage unit works well for storing large quantities of storage boxes or any big-size equipment. For vehicles, it can store motorcycles, Jet skis, lawnmowers, small tractors, small trailers, etc.

Large Self-Storage Unit 4.5m x 5.5m

The 4.5m x 5.5m storage is suitable for homes with multiple bedrooms, where this unit can store the content up to 6 rooms. It can store items like mattress sets, sofa sets, home theatres, big furniture, appliances, garage items, and many storage boxes.

Being professionals, we believe in providing the best value via our storage units. Therefore, we curated a list of key points that you should consider while choosing the best self-storage service for yourself.

How to choose the best self-storage unit – Key deciding points

1.) Location of the storage facility.

The first important key point to consider is how far is the storage facility from your home/location. We recommend that you choose one that is somewhere near to your home. Also, In case if you are going out of the country, then you should consider a storage facility near to the airport.

For more details, read our blog: https://www.forrestfieldselfstorage.com.au/best-options-for-storage-at-perth-airport-2020/

2.) Location of the storage unit with the facility.

This is an important one, you need to pick a storage unit that is easily accessible i.e. you should select a storage unit where you can put your things without any pain.

How do I know what storage size I need with an elevator

To explain further, let us consider the following example:

We have two storage units i.e. A and B, respectively. Now, both are large-sized storage units, but the main difference is that the storage unit A is on the ground floor and the storage unit b is on the first floor. The storage unit A would be more accessible, especially transporting big things like full-size furniture, refrigerator, etc. this will make the whole transition go very smoothly.

Whereas, storage unit B would be more suitable in case of storing mid-size items such as office files, tables, lights, computers, etc. Also, make sure that you are using the right size and high quality moving boxes for the storage.

Therefore, it all depends on the objects that you want to store. We recommend that you discuss this with your self-storage provider for the most accessible unit available. For instance, we at Forrestfield Self-Storage provide a move-in truck with a hydraulic lift to make your move go smoothly without any pain.

3.) Check for climate-controlled units.

Things such as antiques, wine, musical instruments, makeup, toiletries, sports equipment may require special environmental storage to keep them new. Now, this refers to protecting them from the heat, cold, mould, and all other things that might damage your belongings.

What size storage unit do I need with power

Thus, if you have something that may require specific environment settings to stay at their top quality, then you should consider getting climate-controlled storage units with proper ventilation.

4.) Check your vehicles before storing

First and foremost, we recommend that you check your vehicle’s dimensions before opting for a storage unit. Make sure that you disconnect all batteries and electrical components before storing them for a long time.

What size storage unit do I need for my car

Also, in case of big vehicles like trucks and caravans, make sure that you keep a check on the attachments such as trailers, nose weight gauge, etc.

For further details, you can read our detailed blog on caravan storage.

Let’s discuss the cost

The next thing is to think that, what is the cost of using a self-storage unit?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. To help all our readers and website visitors, we have developed a Self-storage calculator that lets you decide the storage unit for yourself and a customized quote with 5 % off on online bookings.

Also, we have a detailed blog on how much self-storage unit costs per month.

 Summing Up

We hope that this blog would be of substance and, this would have helped you in deciding the right size for your storage unit.

But, if you still have any questions, then you can contact us here.

We’ll be happy to answer all your self-storage queries,

Written by Hugh Smith