the ultimate man cave guide
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Thinking of converting your garage
into a Man Cave?

Thinking of converting your garage
 into a Man Cave

If you’re looking to increase the entertaining space in your home, the garage is the perfect place to start – especially if it’s currently being used as a room with heaps of unwanted and unused stuff.

Picture it now:

man cave of your dreams

A sofa where your rusty old bikes are leaning against a wall, a pool table where your old rusty car is, and a bar or snack tabletop where those almost empty paint tins have been abandoned sitting on a shelving unit or cabinet. Or how about a dartboard where all your tools are along the wall?


Even the simplest of spaces can be transformed into a rad and funky hang out with the right steps.

First Off – The Big Clean

man cave - the big clean

Declutter and Deep Clean

You might want to dedicate an entire weekend or two to this step. We are all well aware what’s accumulated in the deepest, darkest corners of your overlooked Batcave. The first step to turning your garage into a party room is to ditch the forgotten stuff and banish any dirt or cobwebs. No one wants to hang out with the creepy crawlers right?

man cave deep clean & declutter

Sort Your Stuff

Junk in garage Organises your garage items into four piles: keep, toss, sell & donate. If you need a hand figuring out what to keep and what to say goodbye to, just ask your friends, family or partner. You may want to find a new home for the things you need to hold onto – whether it’s in the garden shed, the spare room cupboard, or at Forrestfield Self Storage. Toss any damaged items in the wheelie bin, or make a trip to your local tip, or have a company come to remove the junk for you. Donate or sell the stuff you don’t need but could still benefit someone else. Even worn down clothing, dirty clothes, ripped and destroyed old clothes – they take these at donation centres, they re-use and make them into other items that can be sold or used globally.

Want to make some cash from your clutter? How about selling online or holding a garage sale?

Clean from Top to Bottom (Not our favourite part, right?)

man cave Clean from Top to Bottom
  • Once you’ve emptied out your garage, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get scrubbing. The key to a spotless space is to start from the ceiling and work your way down.
  • Cleaning garage floor
  • Clean the Ceiling
  • You may need to get yourself a ladder, or a couple of friends to help with this one.
  • But we are confident in your abilities to get a good clean done, as it will pay off in the long run.

Apply safety goggles – We don’t want any rubbish in your eyes, so stay
safe out there!

Still Cleaning, Almost There….

  • Remove cobwebs and dirt with a soft-bristled broom. Use a step ladder if you can’t reach your garage ceiling with a broom – don’t forget to ask a friend to hold it steady.
  • You could also use a leaf blower, to help get those sticky webs down, and clear out those creepy crawlers.
  • Combine a little household cleaner with warm water in a bucket.
  • Soak a sponge floor mop in the water and gently mop the ceiling. Don’t overdo it though, the last thing you want is to create mould!!
  • Rinse the mop in the kind-of-soapy water and clean the ceiling as you would the floors.
  • Clean the Walls
  • If possible try and dry the ceiling and walls as you are moving along to avoid any mould.
  • Apply protective gloves –Your hands are quite valuable!
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to wipe any dust and debris off the walls. Try not to leave any watermarks or drip marks!
  • Following the instructions on the bottle, combine sugar soap with warm water in a bucket.
  • Dampen a cleaning rag in the water and wipe the walls from top to bottom.
  • Clean the Floor (SCRUB!!!)
  • Apply safety goggles. – Dust and other collected debris could be harmful.
  • Sweep and vacuum to remove dirt and debris.
  • Mop using warm water and household cleaner.
  • Scrub tougher marks with a firm-bristled broom.
  • For oil spills and similar stains, apply a hydrogen peroxide and flour paste overnight. Remove with a scraper tool the next day.
  • Most items can be found and purchased at your
  • local hardware store


Even the simplest of spaces can be transformed into a rad and funky hang out with the right steps.

Now For RENO Time

For example, if you’d like to turn your garage into a home theatre room used mostly for watching movies or the television with friends, you might like to paint the walls a dark colour to give it a real cinema feel. Or if you’re a footy fan, you may want to get your teams colours or logo on that wall.

If you want to use the space to play board games, you could mount some open shelving to display all your games. This also works well for
your movie and video game

And if you’re using the garage as a party room for young kids, you might like to consider installing carpet to prevent slips or injuries on a hard surface. Indoor-Outdoor carpet is always a good idea!

A few quick and easy on the bank DIY
Renos might include:

  1. Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint – liven that room up!
  2. Upgrading the flooring – even if it’s just with a coat of paint or sealant.
  3. Upgrade the light fixtures to suit your needs and wants.

Depending on what you’re working with, you might like to call in the professionals for projects such as installing:

  • More lighting·
  • More power outlets·
  • Windows·
  • Air-conditioning·
  • Insulation


Now for the fun part – Designing! Make sure you have permission to do this before starting.

Decorating your garage party room can be the most exciting step of the process, but it can also be tough to determine what you’ll need to bring your vision to life.

You may even call on an expert to help you with this venture. Thanks to the internet, we’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to design and decoration ideas. So if you’re feeling stuck in the final stages of your garage party room transformation take a quick search on google, or maybe you know someone who has some experience in this field!

Some Rooms we have seen converted:

Grownup – Cave

The ultimate grown-ups cave, an old garage converted to a fully equipped fun/games room. It may include anything from foosball and darts to card games and cocktails. We have even seen spaces with pool tables, and sports rooms with a full bar setup!

Just imagine walking downstairs to this recreational retreat once the kids have nodded off, or maybe you’re lucky enough to get rid of them and send em off to a friend or family member for an overnight stay.

A simple garage room is perfect for enjoying some friendly competition on the pool table after work or on weekends. Just turn up your favourite playlist and open the bar fridge, and you’ve got yourself a 5-star den for all your friends to come by having some fun.

Casual Kickbacks Room

man cave Casual Kickbacks Room

From the rustic decor to the cheery bamboo palms, this relaxed boho hangout looks like the perfect place to enjoy sundowners with mates. Some of these rooms are complete with surfboard racks, a wet room to ditch that sand off yah, colourful lightning and big lounge areas so you can relax and ponder over your most recent surf sesh(If that’s what your into).

Written by Kyle Gray