Forrestfield Self-Storage Check List
December 10, 2019 Check List No Comments

Self-Storage Moving Checklist

Are you moving homes shortly? New home or just moving to another rental?  At Forrestfield self-storage we know moving sucks, and your life takes more than just a one cardboard boxes and 5 meters of bubble-wrap to pack up! Therefore, if you are getting ready for the big move, chances are you would like to avoid stress of any sizes or form. Just remember, deep breaths and one step at a time and it will soon all be over!

We are here to help!

When preparing for a smooth transition to our storage facility, why not try our handy “moving house” checklist? It covers anything from providing change-of-address notifications to understanding your new local liquor store; we will guide you throughout each stage of your move. With our checklist, you are starting from 8 weeks out, all the way to the big moving day. As with all lists, this will ensure you don’t forget a thing, even on the most stressful of days!

Why not save a copy on your computer for easy access? Don’t worry, it is interactive so you can tick the boxes as you go. Alternatively, you could print it off the old fashion way and get that tactile feedback when you mark a box as done. Either way, we are here to help you!

Save a copy on your computer for easy access (it’s interactive, so you can actually tick the boxes). Or do things the good old-fashioned way by printing it out.  Either way, it’s just here to help you!

Written by Hugh Smith