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Self Storage is Growing so Fast in 2020 – The Real Reasons & Benefits.

In 2019, the self-storage industry became worth $38 million worldwide, and it has been on the rise ever since.

People have started considering self-storage units as they promise and deliver high-quality service at affordable prices.

But, what led to this enormous growth and how self-storage is changing lives for people?

As per a report published by the National Australian Bank(NAB), three main factors have led to the growth we see in the Self-Storage industry:

  1. Increase awareness:– As the industry grows, the self-storage business owners have increased their marketing budgets. Hence, we can see a boost in customer awareness and appreciation for the benefits of the self-storage units in the industry. 
  2. New Changes in Living Arrangements – With an increase in high-density living, lower household ownership rates, and affordability issues. Where the growing downsizing trend is leading to a high demand for self-storage services.
  3. Lifestyle changes and habits – The love of travel and flexible lifestyles, combined with marriage plans in the future, is leading to the trend of self-storage among younger people.

Why are Self-Storage Units Popular Today?

With this increase in customer awareness, there have been a lot of questions across the internet. There are questions like how does self-storage work? Should I go for self-storage? How does self-storage work?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

If you too have concerns regarding your belongings and do not have the space to store them. But you are not sure about what to do about them. Therefore, working as professionals in the self-storage industry, we have listed out the main reasons due to which you should consider a self-storage unit:

6 Reasons to go for a Self-storage unit:

  • Renovating your house

When considering house renovation. Then, instead of renting out a whole warehouse/property. You can opt for a self-storage unit to keep your belongings safe. Therefore, let your self-storage company keep all your belongings safe, while you can focus on renovating your dream house.

  • Moving-in to a new home.

When moving into a house, you may see a lot of extra stuff that you might want to get out of your house. It can be difficult, especially when moving big and fragile items. Therefore, consider hiring professionals to move your things.

We at Forrestfield self-storage suggest the Isuzu NPR 200, which is a standard-size removalist truck capable of handling standard moving operations. Most storage facilities will provide easy to use hydraulic trail lift to help throughout the process.

Benefits of Self-Storage

Regarding the cost, you would be charged by the hour (typically $20) and an additional markup for fuel costs(around $2).

  • The change in Relationship status

Most of the couples have a lot of things that they buy together. However, if things do not work out, and they get separated. Then, self-storage is a pretty good option to consider, as most facilities would assist you in getting the right storage unit as per your needs. 

  • A safe place for equipment or vehicles.

If you have an extra vehicle or some equipment that you don’t need anymore or it takes up too much space for you, then self-storage can help you in a great way. As self-storage facilities allow you to get the right storage space suitable for your vehicle or equipment.

  • Store your Business Inventory/ Archives

Self-storage offers great help to business owners. As it allows them to keep their inventories/archives safe. Many business owners manufacture products that may need certain environmental/temperature conditions to keep their inventories well-maintained. Well, the self-storage facility will cover-up for this as well. As most of the facilities offer refrigerated units that will make sure that all inventories are well-maintained.

Also, because if they go for a warehouse it could be a big investment, however in the case of self-storage units, you pay for what you need. Also, the added security, convenience, and accessibility is a big plus.

  • Simply no space available

The last one is that you simply run out of space, where you may have a lot of things that you consider to get rid of, but you cannot due to some sentimental value that they hold, such as old cars, paintings, toys for your kids, etc.

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Now, we have listed out the reasons why you should consider a self-storage unit, then let us look at the benefits in detail.

8 Benefits of Self Storage: #7 is a Real Time Saver for everyone!

1.)   Safety and Security.

Modern self-storage facilities have all advanced security systems, where unauthorized entry is strictly not allowed. For instance, at Forrestfield Self-Storage our storage units have CCTV cameras installed all over to make sure all your belongings are kept safe in one place. 

2.)   Convenience & Accessibility.

If you find a self-storage facility near your location, then you would find self-storage units as a convenient and accessible option. Besides, some self-storage facilities give an option to store the container at a different location. Hence, if you want to store our belongings near to your home. Find a self-storage location near your home.

3.)   Proper Maintenance & Cleanliness.

When it comes to maintenance and cleanliness, then most self-storage companies make sure that the storage units are cleaned thoroughly, before you move in your belongings. Also, all self-storage companies ensure that the facilities are well maintained and free from dirt/mould at all times.

4.)   Budget-Friendly.

The best part about getting a self-storage unit is that instead of renting out a whole warehouse, where you’ll need to pay for the storage that you need. Self Storage units are budget-friendly alternatives for people like students, travelers, etc. Also, to make it easier for all your self-storage needs, we created a free self-storage calculator to help you decide the most suitable storage unit as per your needs.

5.) Best for time-restricted commitments.

Self-storage is best for people with time-restricted-commitments, self-storage units are suitable for those who want to keep their items and belongings. The best example would be the university and college students from distant cities or different countries, who have to return to their homes after every semester/session due to holidays. Hence, instead of paying the extra rent, they can opt for self-storage units saving both time and cost

6.) Self-Storage Provides Efficiency and Optimal Planning.

Self-storage gives a major advantage for businesses by helping them achieve efficiency and optimal planning. The advantage here is a proper storage facility. As we all know, all growing businesses require a good storage facility where they can keep stationeries, important files, and documents that are necessary for their business operations. Hence, self-storage provides all these services and serves as a very good option.

7.) Aids in Time management.

As humans, we somehow develop a tendency to keep unnecessary and non-useful items in an unorganized manner. Hence, this takes most of our time in searching for things over and over again. Also sometimes we don’t have a choice but to keep some items (e.g. sentimental or legal reasons).

When you store your belongings in a well-organized secure facility, the application of the self-storage in your life can help with time-efficient at home and make products in the home business a lot easier!

For example, some of our customer stores archived documents that need to be kept for legal reasons, yet still, take up a lot of room in the house. Therefore, their solution is often a small unit (1.5m by 3m) that’s locked away in a multiplex secure facility.

8.) Reduces Overall Risk

Self-storage units help in keeping all your items in a very neat, systematic, and organized manner, where risks such as damage in the transportation of goods are not there. Also, the stored items are protected from wear and tear.

Also, there might be some chances that you may lose some of your belongings due to transportation. Hence, this reduces the overall risk of losing or damaging your belongings.

Summing up

The main idea for self-storage is to help people store their belongings secure, accessible, and well maintained. Every Storage company has a purpose which is to offer the best storage experience at great prices.

At Forrestfield Self-Storage, we are happy to help people with all their self-storage questions and doubts. If you have one then, don’t hesitate we are happy to help you!

Written by Hugh Smith