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Your Scissors Self-Storage Solution

At Forrestfield Self-Storage we like to support our local business. Not only do we love keeping local store happy & healthy, but we also want to keep your belongings safe and secure no matter the industry! Take Japan Scissors, Forrestfield Self-Storage aims to protect their shears in our highly secure facility until they arrive at their customer’s doorstep.

Japan Scissors is known for its Yasaka & Juntetsu scissor ranges, and have been with Forrest field Self-Storage since our opening day! They offer high-quality Japanese steel scissors at affordable prices.

Scissors are a crucial part of everyday life, whether you are working in the garden, cutting hair or in the dressmaking industry. All of the shears sold by Japan Scissors are for hairdressing, and that’s what Japan Scissors focuses on, the best quality Japanese shears money can buy.

We placed the japan scissors team into a 3-meter by 1.5-meter unit, and it suits them well. The extra shelving room given by the 3 by 1.5, allows them to place multiple racks at an optimal height to keep their backs happy and healthy!

Services We Provide Them.

  • Accept Deliveries.
  • Free Move-In Truck.
  • Box Shop Options For Their Stock.
  • Vehicle Hire.
  • Insurance.
  • Trollies & Moving Equipment.

Written by Hugh Smith