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Packing Your Storage Shed & Making The Most Of Your Space

Packing a Forrestfield Self Storage Shed when you actually take a look at the space you have can be quite a surprise and it helps if you take a moment to sit back and plan how you are going to do things. Large bulky items such as Tables, Chairs and Couches etc can actually use a lot less space that what you would realize and some effectively use none. 

Let's take a table for an example. Looking at a table you would think that this is one of the largest items in your house that you need to store however the reality is a table can actually use non space in your storage shed. I generally find placing these items last and at the front of your shed as the most efficient way however don't bother to try and stand it up as you will then have legs in the way which can actually be quite flimsy when they don't have the strength of the top pushing down on them to the floor. Just slide them in and then you can pack boxes underneath or items such as computers that you want to keep safe. As most tables are very strong you can then happily stack other boxes ontop of the table. When items are stacked both on top and underneath you have actually ended up losing next to no real estate inside of your storage shed. 

Large long TV cabinets for example as well generally have cupboards and shelving inside of them. Slide then in the side or up the back of your storage shed and then make the use of the cupboards and shelving and stack other valuable items inside of there as they will be very well protected on the inside of these strong units. You can also use a well built TV cabinet as a base for stacking boxes on top. This will then also limit the amount of boxes you can stack and give a great foundation for stacking upon and therefor less likely that boxes will give way as there is less weight on top of them. 

Couches you would also think are going to take up a lot of room but something interesting is most couches are very well reinforced on the arms. This is because people lean on them and put a lot of weight on them when sitting on them. If you ever did get to see a warehouse where couches are kept before they are bought you would notice that they are actually stacked upright, on their arms. You can push a couch like this into the corner of your Forrestfield Self Storage shed and it is well protected then. I like to put a blanket down on the floor too as this protects the expensive cloth that is used in making a couch. 

Most of all though remember when filling your storage shed do it like a Tetris master would do. Tetris is an old Russian video game which I believe the majority of the world would be familiar with. It is played as religiously as chess and there are even grand master Tetris players like there are at chess. Tetris involves taking 4 or 5 different coloured and shaped blocks that fall down and you need to put them into a position to form a full line. If you form a full line that line disappears. You lose the game when your screen reaches the top. The idea is to aim to get 4 lines at once and that is called a Tetris and allows you to get the highest score possible in any one time. If you speak to these professional players they all have one thing in common with how they play the game. In the game of Tetris you have a block that you move around and you have a preview window of what block is coming next. To master this game you need to focus on the block that is coming next, that way you have a plan before the block comes out and can put it into position as quickly as it comes out. If you focus on the block that is in play you will be too late in the upper levels when your next block comes out.