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How to Pack Weighted and Heavy Items

Careful planning is always advised when packing up your valuable belongings and having them ready to go into a Forrestfield Self Storage Shed. Having moved around a lot while I was younger as my father worked jobs where he got transferred quite often I became a self appointed expert at the safest and best way to pack my belongings when moving house. Packing Boxes that can be purchased from the Forrestfield Self Storage Box Shop are reinforced boxes on the bottom and the top however you still need to be careful when packing your goods to ensure the boxes maintain their strength, do not bend, but most of all do not break and damage your belongings. 

It's not just the boxes breaking that you have to be careful of it is the contents on the inside of these boxes as packing items that are too heavy on top inside of the box can cause damage to lighter items that are lower down inside of the box. 

The best way to ensure that your items stay safe is to group them together before packing into piles from Heavy to Light. This way once you are ready to start packing you can ensure that items are grouped together and then packed together to ensure that your boxes withstand the contents inside and do not end up getting broken along the journey. 

Generally speaking books, although not as commonly seen any more can be great items to line the bottom of your box with. This will help reinforce the bottom of your box as they are generally large, and paper when stacked together can be as strong as bullet proof glass. A nice lining of books down the bottom will allow you to pack lighter items on top. It is generally not a good idea to mix extra light items with heavy items so find some in-between items and stack them on top of the books that you have laid in the bottom of your box. Books can be quite heavy to try not to stack a whole box full of them so you can ensure you will be safe when lifting these items. 

Be careful though because remember boxes are meant to be stacked. Stacking items that are heavy at the bottom, and then very light items like stuffed toys isn't going to work when your boxes are becoming the foundation of a pyramid of boxes. Too light items up the top can actually give way and your whole stack of boxes will come falling down. This is why the best way is to group similar items together and pack them together. 

Plan out your boxes, and how you plan on stacking them because you want the heaviest ones at the bottom to lay the foundation and then gradually stack lighter upon lighter boxes up top until eventually the top box can be full of items like stuffed toys and you will never have to worry about the stack falling down. 

Also always be mindful of lifting techniques, lift with your legs, not with your back and never be too scared to ask a friend for help as we only have one back and we need to look after it.