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Proper packaging is the key to execute hassle-free transportation of goods. Buying moving boxes from the grocery store can work at times.

However, If you want to be assured that all your belongings are kept safe throughout transportation, then buying the right moving boxes is very important.

During the move, the boxes are lifted, shifted and get stacked over long distances. Make sure that all your packaged boxes can withstand all that goes into the moving process.

The more fragile the item, the more packaging it requires. Also, it has to be the right size with padding that provides the right cushion to protect the items.

This makes it even very crucial for you to select the right moving boxes, for this, we have curated the list of the 3 main characteristics that you should consider for buying the right moving box.

How to Select the Right Moving Box

Right moving Box

1. Pick the Right Size

The first thing that you should look in a moving box is its size and structure.

Selecting the right size is very important, for example, if you use a box that is too large then you would end up paying the extra shipping cost, whereas using a small box can cause damage to the items while transportation.

The box size should be precise that matches the item’s dimension with extra room for adding protective fillers. Put 3 inches of padding in the shipping boxes as this will help in protecting fragile items.

We suggest that you use a good quality bubble-wrap that provides protective cushioning to your items.

In addition to the size, the structural integrity of the box should be right before the beginning of the shipping process. There are a variety of boxes available with different weights, material types, etc.

Tip: In case of packing differently shaped items, select shipping boxes that can accommodate them.

2. Good Strength & Quality Material

Once you get the right box for your item, then make sure that the selected box is capable of traveling from one place to another with minimal or no damage.

If your items are fragile then pay attention to using materials such as a good quality foam/bubble wrap that provides cushioning and protects your item from damage.

In case if your item is going to sit on a shelf in a storage facility, then pay attention to the exterior; there are high-quality print finishes such as High-gloss coating and UV-treated for added protection.

Remember that it can cost way more to get a damaged item repaired/replaced than spending on the right packaging. For heavy-duty items, use heavy-duty carton material that provides incredible support.

Selecting the right material is very important. While choosing your moving boxes, there are two choices of material available:

  • Paperboard – These are light-weight materials that are easily printable and ideal for packaging pharmaceuticals, hardware, and cosmetic items, etc.
  • Corrugated – This is a flexible yet sturdy material, it is perfect for packaging heavy or fragile items, e-commerce packages, subscription boxes, and shipping cartons, etc.

The choice of material highly depends on your requirements and the items that you want to transport.

We recommend that you should select the strongest boxes available.

3. Buy the Right Quantity

While considering the quantity, the exact number depends on the size and number of items that you want to move.

For an estimate, if you are moving items from 1-2 rooms then you would require approximately 20-25 boxes of multiple sizes. If you have a larger house with 7-8 rooms than you may require between 90-100 boxes.

However if you are not able to decide, then to get a clearer estimate for moving you can use a moving box calculator. It will help in setting the exact parameters for your move and gives a better idea for the numbers of boxes you need.

Now, you know about the size, strength, and quantity of moving boxes. It’s time to get started buying the right boxes. Let’s look at some of the best moving boxes available.

Best moving Boxes in Australia

There are many moving boxes providers in Australia and to make it easier for you we have shortlisted the best ones:

Bunnings Warehouse: Moving Boxes

Dimensions (Length X Width X Height) Price
250mm x 340mm x 307mm $2.10
385mm x 482mm x 205mm $2.65
415mm x 445mm x 610mm $4
431mm X 406mm X 298mm (Heavy Duty) $4.50
431mm x 406mm x 596mm (Heavy Duty) $5
450mm x 300 x 295mm 15.99
600mm x 475mm x 900mm (Heavy Duty) $16.50


  • 100% recyclable and degradable material.
  • Offers twin cushion protection
  • Available in Bundles for bulk buyers.
  • Available at a value for the money price tag.

You can check here for more details.

Officeworks: Moving Boxes

Dimensions (Length X Width X Height) Price
431 x 406 x 596 mm $5.79
406 x 298 x 431 mm $3.99
403 x 301 x 330 mm $3.14
406 x 298 x 431mm $5.38
406 x 298 x 431mm $4.3
431 x 406 x 596 mm (Heavy Duty) $9.05
403 x 301 x 330 mm (Heavy Duty) $8.19


  • All boxes are FSC certified and can be recycled easily.
  • Buy now pay later options available.
  • All boxes are delivered flat and can be assembled easily.
  • Available at great prices for bulk purchases.
  • Available at the Office Work store, making it your one-stop-shop for all your mail, move & store needs.

You can check here for more details.

The Moving Boxes Company

Dimensions (Width X Height X Length) Price
410mm x 300mm x 325 mm $3.5
410mm x 300mm x 500mm $4
435mm x 380mm x 670mm $5
600mm x 480mm x 750mm (Heavy Duty) $14.90
605mm x 490mm x 1125mm (Heavy Duty) $19.90


  • Environment-Friendly material that is manufactured using the strongest recycled cardboard available in Australia.
  • Great discounts while ordering in bulk.
  • Custom sizes such as portable wardrobe are also available.

You can check here for more details.

Forrestfield Self-Storage: Moving Boxes

Dimensions (Width X Length X Height) Price
300mm x 410mm x 435mm $3.95
360mm x 400mm x 650mm $5.95
625mm x 625mm x 625mm $13.50


  • Great options for bulk ordering.
  • Buyback/return option available for unused/reusable moving boxes.
  • Available for both online and offline orders.

You can check here for more details.

Start Packing Now!

Once you have selected the right moving boxes that ensure proper protection for your belongings.

Then it comes down to proper transportation to avoid potential disasters on the transportation day.

We hope that you can plan your move successfully after reading this.

In case of any inquiries regarding storage planning and management, please feel free to contact us.

Written by Ethan Smith