Moving and Storing Electrical Items Like TVs & Fridges

In the age of modern technology, the average house has collected multiple TVs, fridges that connect to the internet, expensive computers and various other high-value items that when storing in a Forrestfield Self Storage Shed that you want to ensure that it is safe and will not get damaged. 

Televisions are the first item that comes to mind, with these days spanning in excess of 75 inches as standard. With super high-resolution screens, you need to make sure that no damage happens to them when you are moving them. The older plasma screens that are still very common always need to be transported in the upright position. This is because of two reasons: 

  • There is a gas on the inside of them that can become disturbed if laid down flat
  • To hold the gas in they require a heavy-duty glass panel on the front of them, this glass if of such weight when laid down it can actually crack under its own weight. 

Newer TVs such as LEDs do not have this problem but I personally have always still moved them in the upright position as old habits die hard. To protect your television the best thing to do is use boxes. How do I fit my TV inside of a box I can hear you ask? Well, of course, you don’t. You cut the box on the creases and from there wrap the box around your television screen and all the way around the back. Use minimal sticky tap to hold it as the last thing you want to do is get sticky tape marks on the TV when you remove the tap. I always then get a heavy-duty plastic wrap and wrap it around the box quite thick. This reinforces the box but also acts as a bumper if any items were to hit up against it protecting the screen. Another trick I have always done is when stacking the TV is used mattress to stack up against the wall and thanks to the thin profile of all TVs these days you can slide the TV up behind the mattress. That way if something was to bump near the area of your TV it will knock the mattress and not the TV. 

Fridges are a tricky thing to move and should only ever be done with two people. One person pulling the fridge backwards on a correctly weighted moving trolley, and another person on the front guiding the fridge to ensure it doesn’t come off, damage any walls and or damage your fridge. Fridges can also be prone to growing mould on the inside when they have been powered down and not given adequate time to dry out on the inside so a good trick you can do is place a fairly thick towel in the door before shutting it to just leave it slightly open and that way you can be sure that mould will not take over on the inside. 

Computers are another tricky thing to move and store. Moving them can be quite a nerve-racking experience as they all have removable parts on the inside and a slight jolt can mean cards on the inside fall out or even worse a screw becomes dislodged on the inside and when you power the computer back on it sparks inside of the computer and blows it up. The best way to move a computer is to slide the front passenger side seat slightly forward and then place the computer town in-between the front seat and back seat in the foot space. You can then move your car seat back and it holds the computer in place. Monitors follow the same rules as TVs above but when moving your monitor the best thing to do is set it in the back seat of your car, and safety belt it in. This way you can be sure that your computer screen is not going to go flying as you drive.