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Are you looking for caravan storage near Perth airport?

Well, then this is the right blog for you!

You can keep your caravan safe at Forrestfield Self-Storage 253 Berkshire Road, Forrestfield 6058 Western Australia (Just 10 mins away from Perth airport). 

When you store your caravan at our storage garage, we ensure the safety and security of your vehicle by keeping it in our highly secure storage facility.

Best caravan Storage near Perth airport

Now, one of the most common questions people ask are:

“How is a Storage garage better than regular parking?”


“Is caravan storage more expensive than regular parking?”

To clear all these questions, let’s understand the following:

1. Caravan self-storage parking is better than a regular parking bay

A caravan storage garage is a lot safer than your regular parking. For instance, our facility has the latest security features that protect your vehicle from any damage caused by theft and general unsocial behaviour.

Here at Forrest field self-storage, our customers tend to use van covers as our caravans are kept out the back of our secure facility. Van covers are a great way to protect the paint and windows of your caravan. however, you must still check your window seal for leaks as van covers can only protect you so much from the weather. The last thing you want is water damage, moulds in your home away from home.

Gas cylinders can be stolen and damaged with your caravan in the process! Furthermore, the last thing you need is a missing or slashed tyre on the day of the trip. Whereas in a storage garage, you will not experience such problems, rather the comfort of knowing your camper van is safe all year round!

2. Storage Garage is very Expensive?

Caravan storage is not expensive! – At ForrestField Self-Storage, we believe in providing the best value to our customers. Hence, you can get your van stored inside our secure facility for a minimum price of:

3.3 metres (11 feet) – $135 first month.

4.5 – 4.8 metres (15-16 foot) $150 first month.

7.3 metres (24 feet) – $180 first month.

We have also developed a storage calculator; you can follow and check the best storage options for you.

Hence, by the above points, you can understand that a storage garage is way better than the conventional caravan parking when it comes to security.

To make your caravan storage even better, we also have curated the list of the “Best nine things to follow while storing your Caravan.”

No matter your location, when storing your caravan, remember the following tips, and you’ll always be good to go

Best 9 Things to Follow While Storing Your Caravan

Best caravan storage

1. Get your caravan under Cover

When you are considering storing your Van, please keep it away from sunlight. A protective cover and a self-storage garage is perfect.

Parking under shelter or in a garage saves your caravan from the weather and all other elements. These elements can destroy anything made from rubber, and even tires get damaged from the sun’s rays.

However, if you cannot find a parking space with a shelter, then consider getting a caravan cover.

Under a tree, parking is a “Big NO.” As falling leaves, sap and bird poop can spoil the paint on your caravan.

2. Clean the Fridge properly

The Fridge should be emptied and cleaned properly with its door left open to prevent the mold and nasty smells.

Always keep this in mind, as there is nothing worse than opening your Fridge and seeing all the molds and bad smells.

3. Check the Gas Cylinder and Pipes

Switch off the gas at the bottle and burn all the over gas in the lines. Do not try to undo the line or leave them open, as they can make a bug home. Cover the gas bottle adequately and keep them away from direct sunlight

4. Make sure the air flows well

Keep a vent or two open to prevent mold and bad smells in the Van. Proper circulation is one of the critical factors for making a successful storage. But be careful that the changing weather can’t get inside the Van.

5. Keep a check on Toilet hygiene

The toilet and the toilet cartridge should be emptied and cleaned before parking. This is a dirty job, but it is necessary to prevent disease, foul smell and a lousy experience far worse than having molds and stains.

6. Drain all tanks

Every water tank and water line should be completely drained and vented adequately from the inside but not underneath, as bugs can get into the lines. Always flush your tanks before any trip and keep the lines covered or locked to avoid bugs.

7. Take care of Electricals

All electricals in your Van should be covered appropriately and dry before storage. Disconnect all batteries and the chargers used to maintain their charge. Ensure that the leads and the power source used for charging are legal.

8. Clean it properly

Before storing your Van, it needs to be cleaned properly. Use a good quality wax or polish to protect its paint. Use methods like dry cleaning inside and ensure that the Van is completely dry before you store it.

9. Insurance needs to be up-to-date

Last but not least, contact your insurance agent and make sure that your Van is fully covered for any damage during the storage at a self-storage caravan garage or open parking. 

This is an essential task, as insurance is one of the best ways to protect your caravan year-round.

Summing Up – Have a happy caravan storage

In this blog, we tried to brief everything about the best caravan storage near Perth airport.

We hope that this was to clear all your doubts regarding the process. However, if you still have any questions, please contact us here.

Written by Ethan Smith