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Best options for storage at Perth Airport 2020

Looking to keep your stuff in a storage unit near Perth Airport?

If yes, then this is the article for you!

There are many options to choose from – whether you want to store a couple of bags, your car or even a trailer.

We have compared all the options available to help you in choosing the right storage option around the Perth Airport area.

#1 Car Storage 

Looking for a place to keep your car safe while you are away?

Perth airport vehicle parking

Then here are the following options available:

1.) Airport Parking

Perth Airport has Outdoor parking for all its customers. This makes it super convenient as you are closest to the airport without being on the runway. It also has CCTV and 24/7 patrols.


Your prices may change according to your requirements such as the nearest parking to your terminal, regional parking, etc. But, the standard parking prices are as follows:

Total parking time Total Cost
0 to 1 hour Free
1 to 2 hours $19.80
2 to 3 hours $23
3 to 4 hours $25
4 to 24 hours $27
1 to 2 days $54
2 to 3 days $80.50
3 to 4 days $93
4 to 5 days $104
5 to 6 days $117
6 to 7 days $128
7 to 8 days $136
8 to 9 days $143
Add-on price for each additional day $11

You can check your instant quote at the Perth Airport vehicle parking page. The maximum permitted duration for parking is 90 Days.

2.) Car Storage Unit

If you want your car to be parked in its own locked up garage, then the car storage unit is an option for you.

Forrestfield self-storage offers an ideal solution that allows you to store your car or any other type of vehicle, including motorbikes, trucks, scooters, quad bikes, etc.

Perth airport vehicle storage

All our storage units are big enough to store all 4-wheel drive vehicles that protect them from the harsh external climate.

Both long term and short-term car storage facilities that allow you to have the confidence that your vehicle is secure and safe.

Dimensions Ideal For Price
3m X 6 m Standard Vehicles (cars, jeeps, etc.) $94 per week
3m X 3m Bikes, jet Skies $ 34 per week

Apart from providing drive-up carport facilities, we also provide the facility for hardstand parking for trucks and trailers at our highly secure facility.

Both Long term and short-term parking options are available at the following prices:

Vehicle Price
Semi-Trailer parking $80 per week
Truck + Semi-trailer parking $ 100 per week

Learn more about car Storage facilities here.

Selecting the best option for you:

Picking the best option depends on the total parking time.

To make it even easier for you, we have created the following table:

Time Best Option
A week or less than a week Long Term Airport parking
More than a week Car storage unit

However, if you own a luxury vehicle then, we recommend that you park them at our highly secured facility that ensures the safety and security of your vehicle.

General Storage or Luggage

Perth airport self-storage

Whether you want to store all that excess luggage or your entire home’s content, many dedicated storages options help in you in keeping your stuff safe while you travel.

1.) Airport Baggage Storage and Lockers

Smart Carte lockers are available at all terminals for short term storage of luggage up to 6 weeks.

You can simply secure all your bags or belongings inside a locker and make payment.

Then, you’ll be issued with a specific ticket with a Pin Code that can be used to retrieve your bag from the locker.

There are Different locker sizes available:

Dimensions (Height X Depth X Width) Price Duration
Small Locker (420mm X 900mm X 420mm) $12 0-24 hours
Medium Locker (520mm X 900mm X 420mm) $14 0-24 hours
Large locker (864mm X 900mm X 420mm) $16 0-24 hours

The airport self-storage lockers are available at multiple locations:

  • T1 International – Near the Short-term car park nearest to the public arrivals hall.
  • T1 Domestic and T2 Domestic – On pathway between the T1 and T2 terminal.
  • T3 Domestic – on the walkway between the terminal and short-term car parking.
  • T4 Domestic – On the walkway going to the short-term car park.

Baggage services Kiosk located at the T1 terminal is open 24/7 that offers storage for all oversized items such as golf bags, surfboards, cricket kits, etc.

The cost for every oversized item is $27 per day and then it becomes $6/day after that.

Check Detailed information here.

2.) Self-storage unit

Just 10 minutes away from the Perth Airport, Forrestfield Self-Storage delivers the self-storage solution based on your budget, your schedule.

Our dedicated team makes sure that you get the best self-storage unit that fulfils your needs.

There are many self-storage unit options to keep your belongings safe, the price list is as follows:

Dimensions Price
1.5m X 1.5 m (Small unit) $65 per month
1.5 m X 3 m (Medium unit) $90 per month
3 m X 3 m (Large Unit) $135 per month
3 m X 5.5 m $ 250 per month

At Forrestfield Self-storage, we understand that just storing your things is not enough as insurance is equally important to our customers.

To address this, we have partnered with Midland Insurance Brokers to ensure that every client gets the benefit of our extensive policy.

Our self-Storage insurance policy covers:

First and foremost, this insurance coverage is optional and protects all your belongings from the following:

  • Loss of rental income
  • Explosion
  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Storm and water damage
  • Property damage or public liability

We have kept the premiums very low i.e. $10 for the value of $5000.

For more details, visit here.

Selecting the best option for you:

Here, the best option for you would depend on the time duration. It can be categorized as follows:

Time Best Option
2-3 Days Airport Locker
4 Days or Above Self-Storage unit

However, if you want to store something of high value, then you should always go for a self-storage unit. As they guarantee safety and security for belongings.

Summing up

We hope that this article serves its purpose and, this helps you in making the right choice for storing your valuable belongings.

However, if you still have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us.

Or simply have a visit to our highly secured facility at 253 Berkshire Road, Forrestfield 6058 Western Australia.

Written by Hugh Smith