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Are you thinking about moving out, but you do not know how to start?

Well then this is the blog post for you, today we are sharing the best moving tips and tricks to ensure your move and packing goes without any worries.

Being professionals in the self-storage business, we understand how important it is to plan before you move, as it allows you to do everything without stressing yourself out and at the lowest cost.

Forrestfield self-storage recommends that there are three main stages for moving to your new property/self-storage facility. Therefore, before your big move we encourage you to read our compiled list of the most important aspects of moving we have learnt over the years:

  1. Learn about planning your move.
  2. Learn about the best moving, packing tips to do everything with ease.
  3. Learn about the best tips for the moving day.

1.) Make a checklist and identify your budget

The first step is to create a checklist with all the items that you want to move. Also, mention the deadline for the whole process The deadline for the move would be different for everyone. Some people may have two months or some may have two weeks.

The next step is to identify your budget for moving. Keep it realistic and note down all the things such as transportation cost, packing material cost, etc. When you note down all the costs, then it will help you to get a realistic cost estimate for your whole move. 

 2. ) Categorize all your belonging before you move

Categorize all your belongings into different categories such as kitchen items, fragile, non-fragile, sharp objects, etc. By doing this categorization, it will help you to identify the type of boxes required with size, dimensions, etc.

By keeping a note of all these details you can save money, as it helps you in buying the right amount of packing materials. Overall, it allows you to stay within your budget and have a successful move.

3.) Hire professional movers

If you have people that can help you with your move, then it’s great.

However, if you don’t have access to your friends and family, then hiring professionals for your move is an ideal solution.

Hiring professionals may increase your budget a bit, but, the help that the professional movers would provide you would be worth the extra cost.

The most important part here is to hire the right movers. Hence, ask all the questions that you have before signing the contract.

Now. Let’s get started with the best moving packing tips and tricks for self-storage in Australia 2020.

Best Moving Packing tips and tricks for Self-Storage in Australia 2020

1.) Pack the things that you need

The first and most important packing tip is to only move the things that you need. Before you start packing, have a look at all your things and mark the ones that you need and consider selling or donating the stuff that you don’t need anymore.

Another crucial tip is to keep in mind the measurements of your new house or the storage facility, and if something won’t fit inside then you won’t be able to use it. Hence, consider tossing, donating, or selling the things you don’t need.

2.) Buy good quality moving boxes with the right size

Buying high-quality moving boxes is very important. We know that it’s tempting to get those inexpensive moving boxes to save money. But most of the grocery store boxes/reused boxes compromise on quality, as they have wear and tear due to moisture, bug infestation, etc. Therefore, It is very important to get some high quality moving boxes to go through the moving process smoothly.

One common mistake done by people is that they try to cram in all the objects in just a few boxes. Hence, get the boxes with the right size that can fit all your stuff. Put all the heavy items such as books in small size boxes and put other items in larger boxes accordingly.

While putting them in the moving truck, place all the boxes with heavy items at the bottom and the lighter items at the top to avoid any damage. 

In case if you have spaces left in your boxes, then fill all those gaps with packing paper, clothing or foam, etc. Tape all your boxes at the top and bottom firmly.


3.) Break down the packing process into steps

When you start packing, then breakdown the whole process into steps. Pack one category or room at a time, make sets of objects together. Make sure that the boxes are of the appropriate size that can hold all your belongings.

Planning and packing at the right time is the key, as packing a day before can make you overburdened with stress.

4.) Attach packing labels.

To stay organized, assign one color label to each category/room with its color. Write down the contents of each box and include the room/category to which it belongs.

Doing this will help you to identify the contents of each box and, will help you save a lot of time, where you can quickly unbox the necessary items without playing any guessing games that might be frustrating if you can’t find the right objects.

5.) Put the breakables/fragile items together

When you have fragile items to pack. Make sure that you have sufficient padding that creates the right cushioning and protection. Hence, never place all the items freely in the boxes without sufficient padding or cushion.

Spending time on packing fragile items will protect them and save you from a lot of stress while moving. You can use bunched-up paper foam, or a high-quality bubble wrap to provide the extra cushion.

6.) Use household items for packing

You can repurpose all your household items for packing such as suitcases, laundry bins, for storing clothes, small appliances, etc.

moving packing tips and tricks

Clothing can be the most time-consuming element of packing. The main thing here is to save as much space as possible because the extra clothes might be eating up more space in the truck. Also, you can use vacuum sealing of your clothes to take as less space as possible.

7.) Take photos of Big items and their accessories

When moving large items like electronics, furniture, etc. You should consider keeping them and their accessories together. For example, in case of packing electronics, make sure to take photos of its configuration so that you can re-configure it when needed. Just like your furniture, make sure to label all the crews, bolts, and wires and tape them to the back of the item.

When you are moving your furniture, then make sure that you take photos of accessories such as drawers, doors, or any other accessories such as drawers, doors, cables, etc. Put all the screws and bolts into separate bags and tape them at the back of the furniture.

8.) Use plastic wrap around everything that can spill

Use plastic wrap around everything that can spill. For example, a hair oil bottle may look sealed, but still, there is a chance of it getting spilled over. 

Here you can use the plastic wrap as an additional layer of a seal around the bottle. So, keep all your liquid items wrapped at a distance from the dry items.

9.) Don’t pack these items on a moving truck

There are certain things that you should never pack on a moving truck such as medicines, ammonia, chlorine granules, auto batteries, paints, fire extinguishers, etc.

All these things can be hazardous during the moving process, so it is best to keep them separately or dispose of them properly before moving. You can use some plastic totes to avoid them getting messy or having dangerous leaks.

Tips for the moving day

1. Keep your game plan ready with you

To avoid any hassle, last-minute challenges. Make sure that you have your game plan ready with you. If you have hired professional movers then coordinate with them and discuss everything with them regarding the placement of boxes, which ones would be loaded first or last, etc.

Therefore, when you have everything planned already then you can do the move easily without getting stressed. 

2. Don’t Rush, Relax!

Don’t rush at anything on the move. If you try to rush, then there are chances that you might accidentally put the boxes in the wrong order which can damage your belongings during the transport.

Just sit back and relax, make sure that you plan your moves, and follow all the packing moving tips and tricks to avoid any problems incurred during the move. 

Summing Up

We hope that this blog helps you in planning your move and go through the whole process smoothly. In case if you have anything regarding self-storage or you want to plan your move to a self-storage facility, then we’ll be happy to make a recommendation, You can contact us here.

Written by Hugh Smith