best bubble wrap in Australia
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What is Bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material used for packing fragile items.

It has bubbles that are filled with air that provide a cushion for handling fragile items while transportation. It is referred to as multiple names such as “bubble plastic”, “bubble pop”, “bubble paper”, “air bubble packing”, “bubble pack”.

best bubble wrap in Australia

The name “Bubble wrap” is a trademark registered & owned by the Sealed Air Corporation.

Alfred Fielding and Mark Chavannes invented it in 1957 in an attempt to create a three-dimensional plastic based paper. This was not a success; however, they developed a product that made it easier to carry fragile goods during transportation. 

 What types of bubble wrap are there?

best bubble wrap in Australia - standard bubble wrap

1.) Standard Bubble wrap

A standard wrap is by far the most popular packaging wrap that provides great protection for all the items, especially in the case of highly fragile and sensitive surfaces.

It is the most economical way of protecting items, it can be bought in rolls, but some small bags are also available on customer demand.

Generally, most of them are manufactured using high-quality reusable plastic.

2.) Foam-backed bubble wrap

This wrap has a dedicated layer of added foam that provides extra surface protection for items that consume large spaces, it is better than the standard bubble wrap.

The foam layer is capable of absorbing light impact making it ideal for packing items that move frequently during transit. It is best suited for protecting items with a sensitive finish such as the ones with high gloss paint.

3.) Self-adhesive bubble wrap

A self-adhesive bubble wrap is an economical option for packing fragile and sensitive items such as glass, TVs, and furniture.

Unlike a double-sided tape, which is very hard to remove and even leaves some marks, the adhesive is easy to remove without any marks of adhesive.

4.) Anti-Static bubble wrap

One of the most common issues with the standard bubble wrap is the build-up of static; this will not be a concern while moving electrical components.

However, this can create a problem while moving items that are vulnerable to the damage caused by electrostatic discharge such as laptops, smartphones.

In such cases, using anti-static bubble wrap protects the items from the Electrostatic discharge (ESD).

5.) Eco-friendly bubble wrap

The eco-friendly bubble wrap has made from Enviro bubble wrap that is made using recycled plastic and provides the same protection as the standard bubble wrap.

Many Eco-friendly wraps are Oxo-degradable that reduce the negative impact on the environment over time.

What are the sizes available for Bubble Wrap?

The most commonly used size for bubble wrap is P10. Here, the “10” describes the size of the bubble on the bubble wrap sheet.

A typical P10 Bubble wrap has bubbles with a diameter of 10mm.

The Next available size is the P20 that comes with a bubble diameter of 20mm; the largest is the P32, which has a diameter of 32mm.

The size and the diameter of the bubble are very important, but it does not mean that a bigger diameter bubble is stronger than the smaller sizes.

Always keep in mind that with the increase in the bubble diameter, the space between each bubble also increases. Therefore, packaging an item with larger bubbles may expose an edge of the product through the more significant gap area.

For Edge protection: Always remember the rule of thumb to use the smaller P10 bubbles with multiple layers of sheet.

However, while packaging larger or flatter items, a large diameter bubble sheet is a better option.

Bubble Wrap Sheet Sizes

Bubble Wrap Sheet Sizes

The standard size for a roll of bubble wrap sheet is 1.5 meters wide. However, there are narrower sheets also available such as 375mm, 500mm, and 750 mm wide.

For example, you can go for a p10 (10mm diameter bubble) that is 1.5 meters wide or you can get a larger diameter bubble of P32 (32 mm bubble) with a width of 375mm.

Perforated Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap can have perforations that can make it very easy to tear. This is very helpful when you want to use it for void fill or you need a fixed length for repeated items.

Thick Bubble Wrap: This can be used on fragile items that require more protection; this is a heavier grade bubble wrap. It is also known as the P10s or P20s.  The thick bubble wrap has a layer of plastic on each side. This very strong wrap allows you to provide more protection by minimizing the space with the bubbles.

Custom Sized Bubble Wrap: The custom-sized & perforated bubble wrap can be ordered via your bubble wrap seller as per your specifications.

However, remember that the actual bubble size is restricted to either 10mm, 20mm or 32mm.

What colours are available in bubble wrap?

When it comes to options for colour, these are available in 6 colours i.e. white (transparent), blue, green, yellow, black, and red, were blue & white (transparent) are the most popular choices.

Where can I get bubble wrap in Australia?

where can i get bubble wrap in Australia?

There are many bubble wrap providers in Australia and to make it easier we have shortlisted the best ones:

Bunnings Bubble Wrap

bunnings warehouse bubble wrap
Dimensions (Width X Height X Length) Bubble Size Price
500mm X 5000mm X 10mm 10 mm $5
375mm X 10mm X 25000mm 10 mm $10.40
1500mm X 10000mm X 10mm 10 mm $25
750mm X 10mm X 25000mm 10 mm $27.30
500mm X 10mm X 25000mm 10 mm $18.25
750mm X 10000mm X 10mm 10 mm $11.47
750mm X 10mm X 10000mm 10 mm $12.98
375mm X 20mm X 25000mm 20 mm $15.60
750mm X 20mm X 25000mm 20 mm $31.30


  • 100% recyclable and degradable material
  • Offers air cushion protection & ideal for packing fragile items.
  • Available for both Online and Offline ordering.

You can check here for more details.

Bubble Wrap Officeworks

office works bubble wrap
Dimensions (Width X Height X Length) Bubble SizePrice
– 180mm X 180mm X 350mm 10 mm $6.28
300mm X 300mm X 380mm 10 mm $10.40
440mm X 440mm X 300mm 10 mm $18.78
500mm X 10mm X 25000mm 10 mm $18.25
425mm X 425mm X 500mm 10 mm $36.48
340mm X 340mm X 750mm 10 mm $27.98
375mm X 20mm X 25000mm 20 mm $15.60
350mm X 350mm X 375mm 20 mm $15.68


  • Made from 10% recycled content.
  • High air cushioning for bulky packaging.
  • Available at the Office Work store, making it your one-stop-shop for all your mail needs.

You can check here for more details.

Bubble wrap Australia Post

australia post bubble wrap
Dimensions (Width X Length) Bubble Size Price
300mm X 3m 10 mm $3.45
300mm X 10m 10 mm $7.65
700mm X 10m 10 mm $15.95
280mm X 25m 10 mm $17.25


  • Made from 40% recycled content.
  • Great for ordering in Bulk.
  • Available for both online and offline orders.

You can check here for more details.

 How to use bubble wrap?

 How to use bubble wrap?

Firstly, all the bubbles should be facing the object for the ultimate protection. This plays a significant role while shipping fragile items.

By placing the bubbles inwards, this helps in protecting the fragile item and keeps the bubbles intact, as a thin shield of layering mask is there to protect the bubble from all the bumps and boxy edges during transportation.

A well-packaged bubble wrap will create a cushion effect for the fragile item and keeps it safe.

Four Easy steps to using a Bubble wrap:

  1. ) Start wrapping your item on a clean and flat surface, keep in mind that the bubbles touch the item.
  2. ) Lay the bubble-wrapped item inside the box in a layer of bubble wrap and make sure that the bubbles are facing up.
  3. ) Surround the item with extra bubble wrap.
  4. ) Close and seal the box properly for shipping.

Alternatives to bubble wrap.

Alternatives to bubble wrap.

Bubble wraps are made of plastic; the word “plastic” itself bothers some people due to its effect on the environment, so they start looking for some other alternative.

Do not worry we have got you covered. Following are the alternatives:

  1. Cornstarch
  2. Paper and cardboard
  3. Biodegradable air peanuts
  4. Air pillows
  5. Mushroom packaging
  6. Seaweed packaging
  7. Newspaper
  8. Magazine
  9. Palm fibre

Keep in mind that eco-friendly bubble wraps are also available that do not affect the environment.

Still, for more information about alternatives to bubble wrap, check here.

Written by Ethan Smith